Khao Yai National Park - main tourist attraction of Thailand

One of the main tourist attractions of Thailand is the highly popular Khao Yai National Park. It is situated at a height of about one kilometre above sea level, a four hours' drive from Bangkok. Its history reaches back to 1962, when a famous ecologist, Boon-song Lekakul, played an important role in its creation. 

Since then, the park’s area has constantly been increasing, and today it covers over 2,000 km2, on which there are evergreen forests and meadows with volcanic rocks. There are also several waterfalls: Heo Narok, Namtok Sarika and Haeo Suwat.

In 1984, Khao Yai became an ASEAN heritage site, and since 2005, along with several other parks in Thailand, it was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Visitors to this unique place can see over three hundred species of birds, sixty species of mammals and over a thousand species of plants. Powerful Indian elephants, gibbons and dangerous Himalayan bears are also extremely popular among local residents and tourists.

All year, Khao Yai is visited by numerous tourists from all over the world, for whom many walking trails have been made, ranging in length from 500 m to 8 km. There are even several routes requiring a three-day hike. The park also has a fully-developed tourist infrastructure. There are bars and restaurants throughout the entire area, as well as viewpoint and petrol stations for those who choose to visit by car. It's possible to stay overnight in wooden cabins or in luxury hotels, which even have golf courses. And of course, there are many shops with souvenirs.

For those who dream of seeing the park’s beauty by the light of the moon, Khao Yai offers special nighttime trips. Tourists can also take certain routes by car in order to observe animals that come out only at night.

The climate here is quite variable, which is why before your trip you need to think about clothing. For example, in March and April, the park's temperature can reach over 35°C. But if you come here in January, warm sweaters will be essential. 

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