Dortmund - one of the biggest cities of Ruhr Valley

Associated mainly with the heavy industry of the Ruhr valley, Dortmund has many interesting places to visit and can definitely surprise you.

The yearly Christmas fair is held around an immense 45 meters high Christmas tree decorated with 13000 lights. On more than 300 stalls you will find unique gifts and unusual Christmas decorations which are small miracles of craftsmanship. The fair is full of decorations and other products made by local artists and regional specialties producers. The air is filled with the aroma of mulled wine, roasted almonds and roasted Westphalia ham. There is no lack of activities for children such as the daily performances by actors and puppeteers. The Dortmund Fair is one of the biggest in Germany.

At 130 meters in the over 200 meters high Florian tower is a revolving restaurant, where sitting at a table you can marvel at the panorama of the entire city. The same view can be seen from the observation deck above. Another view of the city will not be disappointing, this time from the tower of St. Reinold's Church. This splendid tower, rising in the geographical heart of Dortmund, features a large viewing platform at a height of over 100 meters. Whilst there take the opportunity to admire the six impressive bells, the largest of which weighs 6.5 tonnes.

There were almost 40 breweries in the city a century ago. Today, the only remaining brewery hosts a museum that is a reminder of Dortmund's place in beer production. Traditional casks and beer brewing equipment, production line souvenirs and other gadgets will undoubtedly please devotees of that frothy, golden liquid. A vehicle that transported the beer casks has been restored, something you certainly won’t see on the streets today. The greatest attraction, of course, is the opportunity to try the traditional Dortmund beer, DAB, served in small 0.151 capacity glasses called stössen.

While walking around Dortmund, try visiting some of the interesting museums. A special bonus, especially for male visitors, would be to see cars with a soul - several decades old Jaguars and Ferraris. They wait for automobile enthusiasts in the Automobil Museum. Eminent works of art, including a collection of Roman golden treasure and a Gothic depiction of the Madonna - by famous Dortmund artist, Conrad von Soest, are to be seen in the Museum of Art and Cultural History. Finally, you should call into the German Cookery Book Museum. The Museum is filled with interesting collections of kitchen equipment, culinary books and toy kitchens made for dolls.

While in Dortmund, there is no way you can miss Signal Iduna Park. The largest sports facility in Germany and the sixth largest in Europe associated entirely with Borussia Dortmund. More than 80,000 fans can fill the tribunes to watch football matches. The stadium is open to the public, so for a moment the unique atmosphere of the place can be felt. A guided tour is a good idea, to see all the nooks and crannies of the stadium and hear interesting stories related both with the stadium and the sports club as well. The Borussia Dortmund museum is located inside Signal Iduna Park and is full of club memorabilia and trophies. Those characteristic club souvenirs in yellow and black are just waiting for you in a special shop next to the museum. 

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