Szczawnica - beautiful views not far from Cracow

To get to Szczawnica from Cracow by car or bus takes slightly over two hours, thus it’s very easy to go there on a day trip during a longer stay in Lesser Poland. And it’s definitely worth doing - Szczawnica and its surrounding areas hold many interesting and unique attractions.

How should you begin a visit to Szczawnica? With a walk, since the longest pedestrian promenade in Poland (about 1800 metres) is located here. Does this sound unattractive to you? Maybe even mundane? Everyone will change their minds when they see the beautiful landscape that they'll walk through. The close proximity of nature and fresh air - in Szczawnica you can count on this at every step.

Those who enjoy longer walks will certainly head towards the other attractions in the area. There are, of course, religious sites here, including former Greek-Catholic churches which have now been converted into Catholic churches, such as the Church of Our Lady Mediatrix of Graces in the village of Szlachtowa and the Church of Saint John the Baptist in Jaworki. The most important attractions for hikers are a few kilometres from Szczawnica, such as Homole Gorge. It's not a very demanding route, but it should, however, satisfy even the most curious sightseers. It’s possible to see unusual rock formations, including the Sphinx Rock, and traces of the culture of the temk people who were displaced from this area.

Also close to Szczawnica there’s another wonderful place in the Pieniny Mountains - Three Crowns. This massif rises to nearly 1,000 metres above sea level, towering over the rest of the area. For a trip through Three Crowns, one needs to devote at least three hours, and so it's best to save up some energy before this expedition. One can admire the massif from another perspective. The peak can be seen while rafting down the Dunajec River, which is popular among tourists. It’s possible to fight the current in two ways: either place yourself in the care of a highlander who will transport you on a huge raft, or borrow a kayak (single or double) and set off on your own. The latter is certainly more fun. And when, after your long excursion, you feel like resting, it’s not necessary to go far. In Szczawnica there’s a mineral water pump room. There are six kinds of water available - the most popular (and the best, according to many people) is "Jan". It's another point on the map of the Pieniny Mountains which one absolutely must visit.


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