Ljubljana, the well loved

Situated in an enclave between the julian alps and the adriatic sea, Ljubljana combines these different influences perfectly. Half an hour away from Bled, the jewel of the Julian Alps, and about an hour and a half away from the coast of Slovenia, this capital of human proportions is in the ideal location for a tourist destination.

The north-south influences cradle this small town with its around 280,000 inhabitants of whom 65,000 are students. With its architecture which is influenced by Austrian fashion and its northern neighbours, it is able to hold its own with its Italian or Croatian neighbours as far as having the ambiance or atmosphere of the South is concerned.

The population lives outside most of the time, whether along the main thorough fares in the town or in the parks both in summer and in winter. Along the Ljubljanica, the river which passes through the old town, restaurants and bars can be found everywhere. Everyone comes here. The terraces of the bars and restaurants are always full right up to the early hours of the morning.

But what is there to eat in Ljubljana? The town offers both a German type of cuisine with very hearty dishes as well as Italian finesse with fish from the Adriatic or good salads - a mixture of local cuisine with very good quality local produce and cuisine inspired by neighbouring countries. To make it the perfect meal, you will be served a good Slovenian wine or a fresh beer from Ljubljana.

The town can easily be visited by foot, but other options are available to tourists. Bicycles and other Segways can be hired from the various tourist offices in the town or from hotels in the centre of the city.

No visit to Ljubljana can be regarded as complete unless you have visited the market. Below the castle which overhangs the town, you will find a huge market which offers all everyday products and local products which is of an incomparable freshness. The castle is also not to be missed. From the tower of the castle, you will have a magnificent view of the old town, the Ljubljanica River and the three bridges which lead to the Preseren square, the main square in Ljubljana.

Ljubljana owes much to its architect, Jose Plecnik. His work can be seen throughout the town and his main work is undoubtedly the three bridges which are called Tromostovje.

For those who love shopping, there are some main thorough fares which will satisfy your immediate crawings, but, if the town centre is not enough, a large shopping centre (BTC) can be reached by bus. Cinema, saunas, shops and other attractions will be available to you, a kind of small town within the city.

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