Welcome to Munich

When you think of Munich (Germany), you usually think of beer, folk costumes (leather shorts with braces for men and dirndls (coloured dresses with generous necklines) for women), BMW and FC Bayern Munich. Leaving these clichés aside, Munich is above all a trendy, lively, cultural and, in particular, very pleasant city. With its 135 million inhabitants, it is the second most popular tourist destination in Germany after Berlin. Munich is the capital of the Land of Bavaria and is one of the richest cities in the European Union.

Here are some attractions in Munich :


Regarded as the festival with the most number of stalls in the world, it is held from the end of September to the beginning of October and lasts for two weeks. This year, the festivities will begin on Saturday 22 September. Do not run the risk of partying too late on the first evening, as about 7,000 participants will walk through the town dressed in historical costumes from 10 am onwards. This unmissable event in Munich will not only attract a very large crowd, but tens of thousands of hectolitres of beer will also be served in maas, those famous litre tankards. Lovers of beer and gourmands will no doubt appreciate the festive and convivial atmosphere of the Oktoberfest!

If you vist Munich at another time of year, make sure that you go to a beer garden. Whoever sits in one of these locations which are typical of Munich will be entitled to bring their own food provided that they order a beer. For Bavarians, this meal which is eaten together with family or friends is a kind of winter ritual which no-one can refuse.


There are not many visitors who do not pass in front of this well-known international brewery which dates from the 16th century. It is also the largest brewery in Munich. The beer garden which is accessible from the restaurant of the brewery is a veritable green oasis right in the heart of the city where almost 5,000 people can gather in the evening.

Lovers of art must visit the 3 art galleries pinacotheques in the city.

The old Art Gallery displays splendid works dating from the Middle Ages to the Baroque. The museum owes its fame to the works of the great Belgian masters such as Rubens as well as Dürer, Rembrandt and Leonardo de Vinci. With its splendid collections of canvases and sculptures, the New Picture Gallery displays a pleiad of European masterpieces of art and sculpture dating from the XVIIIth century to the beginning of the XXth century to delight the eye.

The huge Pinakothek der Moderne is able to offer four important collections combining various artistic genres: painting, graphic art, architecture and design.


With the same fame as the Avenue Louise in Brussels, Maximilan’s Forum is a large pedestrian quarter which invites people to go for a stroll or to do some shopping. You will find a large choice of establishments offering fashionable clothing which is not necessarily out of your price range.

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